Interview with Finstek CEO

More than six months have passed since Mikhail Yakutovich became a head of Finstek in Belarus. At the beginning of his work at the company, he gave an interview. At this article he shared his vision of the industry and predicted how fintech will develop during the pandemic. We invite you to read this article … Read more

Finstek attending WikiFX Thailand expo

Our team is on the move again, with our next destination, Bangkok. Anyone who is interested in setting up their online financial brokerage and is looking for a technology bridge and hosting provider, or even wants to become one of our partners, please come and book a meeting with us on [email protected]! Read more

Finstek attending Finance Magnates London Summit

Finstek team will be attending the upcoming London Summit, available from 9th-16th November 2019. We are excited to bring with us our upgraded technologies, tailor-made solutions and new partnership programs. Book a meeting with us now by emailing to [email protected] Look forward to seeing you all at the event! Read more