Finstek offers tailor-made Hosting Solutions with dedicated hosted servers designed for our clients, providing stable, highly secured, but flexible enterprise grade environments for financial trading systems.

Finstek specializes in providing state of the art hosting solutions, dedicated for financial institutions worldwide. To meet the high requirements of the industry, Finstek has made significant investments in the hosting infrastructure, building a highly stable, secure and performant environment. Our setups are located in the world’s main financial hubs, within the prestigious Equinix LD4 and Equinix HK3 datacenters, as well as many other locations globally.

In addition, Finstek has invested in dedicated leased lines that connects the London and Hong Kong infrastructure
together, allowing data to be transferred between the two locations reliably and at faster communication times. Furthermore, the leased lines ensure data can travel through the Internet in a secured environment and avoid Internet traffic.

Server Hosting Solution

Clients can choose to house their platforms in any of our locations, in the proximity of their liquidity sources, ensuring ultra-low latency execution, as well as benefit from our global coverage, achieving optimal connectivity for their customers, worldwide.

Dedicated Hosting Environment

Each client setup consists of dedicated server instances, tailor-made based on client’s business requirements. An initial requirement analysis will allow Finstek’s in-house technical team to provide best practice suggestions.

Scalable to accommodate Growth

Scalability of resources for the hosted instances enable clients to minimise on-going cost and provision additional resources on demand, in accordance with business growth; reduced technical know-how allows clients to focus on maximizing their client base.

System Security is one of our Key Focuses

We offer high-performant and reliable solutions, having achieved redundancy at all levels of the infrastructure. Strict access policies ensure the safety of the trading environments and data, while enterprise-grade DDoS protection mechanisms safeguard the environments.

Full Access to the dedicated server instances

The hosting infrastructure is built and managed entirely by Finstek’s in-house teams, allowing us to provide full access and control over the hosted instances to clients.

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other benefits


Secure, reliable,


Dedicated Server
Instances and Resources


Full control and access
to hosted instances




Multiple Data Centers
in place to reduce latency


Anti-DDoS protection
as part of the service


24/5 Technical


Benefit from Finstek’s


Reduce technical
know-how on network
infrastructure management

Our Value-Added Hosting Solution

Supported Items Finstek Hosting Cloud Hosting
Full Access to server Yes Depends
Colocation with Banks and LPs Yes No
Flexible Resource Update Yes Yes
Professional 1 to 1 tech support Yes No
System Monitoring Tool Yes No
Data Security Yes No
Dedicated IP Included Optional
In-House setup Yes Depends
DDOS Protection Included Optional
Targeted Industry Financial trading focused All industries


Generally, it takes around 3 working days to complete the setup.

Generally speaking, our Network team will be monitoring the usage of resources for our clients, when they see that your resources are running low, we will be in touch advising to add more resources. Adding resources are a simple process and does not take less than 2 days to complete, as long as we have authorisation from you to do so.

In case you felt the resources for your business are low, discuss with your account manager and they can also organise with Network team to increase resources based on your requirements.

DDoS short for Distributed Denial of Service attack is a type of attack on websites performed using bots. In a DDoS attack, hackers use bots to generate fake traffic so they can exhaust your server resources and crash your website.

A leased line is a dedicated communication channel between two or more locations, which Finstek introduced to its infrastructure in order to build a private tunnel between LD4 and HK3, in order to ensure a stable, secure and low-latency circuit, eliminating the uncertainties of Internet traffics.

Finstek introduced a leased line to its infrastructure in order to build a private tunnel between LD4 and HK3, ensuring a stable, secure and low-latency circuit, and eliminating the uncertainties of Internet traffics.

Equinix is a company that specializes in internet connection and data centers. It is one of the most stable and reliable data center at present. Lots of Tier-1 banks and LPs have their own infrastructure setup within these data centers, and some will also be cross-connected to ensure low latency.