Finstek Aggregator is an advanced fintech connectivity system, linking liquidity sources with the industry ‘s most popular trading platforms. This advanced liquidity management solution empowers brokers to fully control every aspect of their trading environment, in a flexible and centralised way. Finstek Aggregator provides access to one of the most high-performing ecosystems in the finance industry, while it offers excellent connectivity between Trading Platforms, Institutional Brokerages, and Liquidity Providers.

finstek aggregator

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Ability to connect to proprietary platforms


Ability to connect multiple trading platforms


Function packed aggregation, LPs, spread, and platform management system


Freedom to choose Liquidity Provider(s)


Support multiple asset-classes


Available for MT4 and MT5


Optional supporting tools available


24/5 Multi-lingual Technical Support

Round the clock - 24/5
Multi-lingual technical Support

Finstek Technical Support Team is available throughout the market opening hours, answering to requests and trouble-shooting any encountered problems in a timely manner. In additional, Emergency Support channels are available to help solving emergency issues at the shortest possible time. Moreover, our international footprint enables us to support our clients in their local language. Need More one-on-one guides from Finstek team? Click here

Empowered Functional modules packed


Reliable and Secure

Bridging system (Finstek Aggregator) sits in between LP(s) and Trading Platform(s), ensuring stable and ultra-low latency data communications and trade executions. Each bridging systems are deployed on a dedicated server, based on a robust infrastructure within Equinix LD4 and Equinix HK3, co-located in the same data centers as some of the well-known Tier-1 banks and LPs.


High Performant LP
management & Aggregation

LP management allows clients to customize and configure your liquidity offering from 1 or more LPs. On top of that, the aggregator engine intelligently optimizes the prices after the comparison of the LPs’ price feeds.


Flexible Pricing
Compositions Rules

Users have the ability to define order routing rules flexibly and effectively. Routing settings, together with mark-up management can be done on a per symbol, per side, per group or even down to per customer level. Through the intuitive UI, changes are done on-the-fly, no server restarts are required.


Scalable FIX API engine

FIX API empowers the system with infinite capacities to expand. This allows the engine to connect with multiple LPs as well as FIX compatible platforms without limitations. Moreover, liquidity distribution in a way of Aggregator-Aggregator connection facilitates the business growth of the owners who are looking to become an LP, supporting other institutions.


Multi-Functional Bridge

Finstek Multi-Functional Bridge provides fast, flexible and reliable connections between MT4 or MT5 environments and execution venues. Via the Bridge, customizable liquidity is streamed into the Trading Platforms and trades are routed to Finstek’s Aggregator Engine. As a server-side plugin, the Bridge has been specifically designed for low resources utilization, avoiding increased load on the Trading Platforms.


Fully Customizable Reporting system

Reporting system enables clients have deep insights of their business and clients’ trading activities. Trading data, from detailed order level to precise summarized statistics, which exported from highly customized reports greatly simplify the works of various analysis, which serve as risk management, market forecast and better business management. Additionally, by freely defining user access rights, the system enables the flexibilities for the usages of reports according to the roles and profiles of clients.



Not all the trading platform can support the communications protocol from LPs, therefore a set of software, is introduced to solve this issue. Bridges (for brokerages) are initially setup for this purpose. Up to now, being constantly developed and upgraded during the years, Finstek bridging system has become an advanced comprehensive system with multiple functions, such as Mark-up, Warehousing, liquidity aggregation, risk management, etc.

The entire on-boarding process normally takes 2-3 weeks, including information collection, system setup, and live testing.

You can simply fill in the Contact Us (link to Contact Us Page) form or contact us via [email protected] or the online chat. Finstek team will always reach out to you for discussions on your requirements and suggest solutions that will fulfil your needs. After the initial discussion, we will follow up with a tailor-made proposal dedicated for your setup.

When liquidity provider(s) are connected to your bridging setup, it allows you to distribute liquidity to different groups and symbols based on your requirements.

In financial trading, brokers will always want to provide the best price feed to their customers. However, sometimes the LP they use may not be able to provide the price, compare with other LPs. Each LP will have their specialty in terms of their product offerings. In this case if the broker has more than 1 LP in their system, they can use the aggregation within the Finstek Aggregator, to allow the system to compare the prices from each LP and pick the best price, and offer to their customers.

FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol is an electronic communication protocol that is responsible for real-time exchange of information between banks. The information transferred is related to securities transactions.