Multi-Account Manager (MAM)

FINSTEK offers a cutting edge MAM/PAMM solution designed for Money Managers with copy trading functionalities. With a complete set of features and functionalities, money managers can trade across a different number of investor trading accounts (slaves) simultaneously from a single master account using flexible allocation methods.

Why Use Finstek MAM/PAMM Module:


Fully integrated
with Finstek Aggregator


Easy to use UI


Real-time configuration


Copy trading functionality


Multiple fee calculation/allocation options

Grow and Diversify Your Client Base and Offerings

FINSTEK MAM/PAMM trading solution provides brokers with robust features that will meet your client’s needs. It provides more flexibility to money managers and introducing brokers to manage their traders’ accounts, either by trade allocation or copy trading.

  • Attract more clients by offering a variety of allocation methods.
  • Increase trading volumes, and have full control over the manager’s activities

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