Finstek is an industry leading Fintech technology provider delivering secure and scalable solutions designed to power intricate financial applications. Founded in 2009, Finstek has developed a set of advanced technological products over the years, with proven track record within the fintech industry. The solutions have become popular and trusted worldwide, being used by top financial institutions.

Finstek is committed to provide innovative and reliable solutions based on
its robust technologies, infrastructure and expertise.

Global Presence

FINSTEK has set up 3 offices in
all regions where our clients are active, to cater as effectively as possible to their needs. Our Global Coverage is an essential element of our business strategy, enabling us to identify and respond swiftly to new trends and opportunities.
We strive to provide the best customer experience possible and constantly engage with our clients, supporting their growth.



We strive to provide outstanding solutions and customer services to ensure our clients can take advantage of our expertise and grow together with us


Focus on Innovation in Fintech


Constantly Looking for Improvements


Target in Personalized Services


Stay Neutral


Our service team is composed of highly skilled professionals with wealth of experience in solving technical issues and expertise in helping financial institutions to become successful. They are committed to provide excellent customer service and are constantly looking for improvements. As a technology provider, our mentality is to ensure transparency and remain neutral.

Diversified Communication Channels

Communication is key to success, therefore our team is active via various communication channels to service our clients. We create dedicated groups in chat tools for instant account services, enabling clients to gain rapid responses to account-based inquiries, application usage, trainings, and other requested services. Moreover, 24-hour emergency hotline can reach our technicians directly to assist and solve urgent issues.

Round-the-clock Technical Support

Finstek Technical Support Team is available throughout the market opening hours, answering to requests and trouble-shooting any encountered problems in a timely manner. In additional, Emergency Support channels are available to help solving emergency issues at the shortest possible time. Moreover, our international footprint enables us to support our clients in their local language.

Proactively Planning for Clients’ Business Growth

As a trusted partner, Finstek is commited to provide the best customer service by always looking to provide clients with best suggestions to help with their business expansion. Our team will update themselves with the latest market trend and news, making sure they can provide the best practices to date.

System Maintenance and Monitoring

On-going monitoring and periodic maintenances are done to ensure stability of infrastructure and environments. We are constantly collecting feedback from users in order to make improvements and to enhance our systems and infrastructure to match or even exceed their expectations.

Our solutions

white label solution
bridging solution
hosting solution
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